Our Classrooms

Our Classrooms-written by the Young Leaders


Room 8: The lovely Mrs Ann Bracefield

Mrs Bracefield loves that this school is like a big family and, especially, that there are role models throughout the school to look out for her little ones. She loves seeing her enthusiastic students learning. Room 8 children love writing, art,l electives, maths, discovery time, morning tea and playing on the playground. They also enjoy PE. 


Room 9: The delightful Ms Marion Harris

Ms Harris has returned to take over the teaching of our Year 2 and 3s until the end of the year. We welcome her back!


Room 1: The Fabulous Ms Josie Harrington

Miss Harrington is calm and full of fun. She is also our netball co-ordinator.  Miss Harrington’s class love coming to school each day and think that Miss Harrington is the best teacher, although they may be biased!

Room 3: The Fantastic Ms Simmons

Room 6: The Amazing Mr Smith

Room 5: The incredible Mr Jade Stent

Mr Stent is always moving!  He has helped to set up our languages programme, our sports rotations and he is developing our house groups with us.  Room 2 students work hard and live by our school values every day.