Our Values

At Tui Glen School we live by the following core values:

Striving For Excellence/Ngaiotanga
Team Work/Kotahitanga

These values were developed in 2014 by the school community.

What these values mean to us:


  • I am proud to be a Tui Glen kid
  • I can be myself
  • I am accepted and loved
  • I can share my ideas and thoughts with others
  • I am part of one big family
  • I am part of my class, my syndicate, my school and my community
  • I belong!


  • We show kindness towards others
  • We help people if they are hurt
  • We play together
  • We say nice things to others
  • We use kind words
  • We are sympathetic
  • We share
  • We give hugs when someone needs it


  • We will work to the best of our ability
  • We will think of the best way to present our work
  • We will complete all work to a high standard
  • We share our skills and celebrate our successes
  • We meet the requirements in the time given
  • There are no good or bad challenges, just challenges
  • We are proud of our work
  • We are proud of ourselves
  • It’s not too hard


  • I will look after myself
  • I will treat others how I would like to be treated
  • I will always use my manners
  • I will listen and follow instructions the first time
  • I will look after my school, my community and my own property
  • I will make sure everybody is included and feels welcome


  • We work as a team to achieve our goal
  • We look out for each other
  • We are helpful to each other
  • The job is done quickly as a team
  • We help people if they are stuck
  • It is easier when we work together
  • We include others in our games
  • We value each other